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WhitpainResidents.org (WRO) is a group of Whitpain Township residents, volunteering our time to preserve and build the quality of life in our township.  We focus on "responsible development" in order to treat the limited land we have as a precious resource.  Many Whitpain residents have lived here for decades - some for a lifetime - and remember fondly "the way things used to be."
We cannot go back in time, but we can pay attention to the future. Progress is inevitable, but chaos is not. 



At the June Zoning Hearing Board meeting, the Whitpain ZHB presented their decision for the Sober House application regarding 813 Stonybrook Dr. The ZHB rejected the application on several grounds.

This is a massive victory for the residents of the neighborhood against an inappropriate use of the property.
WRO gives sincere thanks to all township residents who support us and the neighbors in this battle.

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